YOGA the celebration of life

Yoga is a simple technique to make you fit, fresh and happy. Yoga is a way of life. As long as the body is the master, mind is the master. Life is a problem. Yoga is to make you the master of the body and mind. The moment you are the master, life will become a celebration. By regular practice anybody can master Yoga. Every human being has the potency to grow, transform the quality of the being and live the life blissfully.

Client testimonial

Iyan Barhydt, Stockholm

Iyan Barhydt, Stockholm,

Psychotherapist and Yoga Teacher

I was working in a rehab-clinic for drugaddicts and alcoholics. Balanji came there to teach the patients. His way of relating with the patients was fantastic. He created an atmosphere that really inspired them to start practicing Yoga. The patients started to get up early in the mornings and within only a few weeks one could see the transformation in them. They were glowing. Thats when I decided to become a Yoga teacher.

Jonathan Pritchard, Stockholm

Jonathan Pritchard, Stockholm,

Yoga Teacher, Therapist and Director of Health Center

Balanji is Yoga. I have met many Yoga teachers in my life but I have never anyone that lives and breathes and is Yoga as Balanji.

About Me

Balachandran Chandrasekharan Nair was born on 24th December, in Malacca, Malayasia. His father Chandrasekharan Nair and mother Chandramathy were living in Malayasia at that time. He had a elder brother Ramachandran and a elder sister Prabha Chandra. When Balachandran was five years old, the whole family came back to Kerala. He was brought up and educated in Kerala. Now he lives in Munich, Germany. Now he is trying to build a yoga school in Kerala and in Europe.

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